Zohra Talpur Visual Artist

January 20, 2019

Artist Biography:

Zohra Talpur is an artist born and raised in Hyderabad. She completed her bachelors in Fine Arts from CEAD, MUET in 2018 and was awarded a distinction in her final thesis. Her major inspiration and love for art emerged at a young age while growing up being surrounded by her family Heritage. She has worked in all fields of fine arts but her most favourite is Painting with the medium of oil paints. According to her! Art is beauty, Imagination and MAGIC.



During the time of British invasion in Sindh, much resistance was shown and exercised especially by Talpurs of Hyderabad, But the resistance was soon turned into acceptance as British gradually took over.
My work is about making narrative out of those historical narratives of resistance and acceptance in terms of ideology, life style and government, I intend to draw the attention of the viewers towards flipping the sides and roles of a colonizer and colonized. The paintings that I create is a fictional account on the relationship of Colonizer (British) and Colonized (Talpurs) through which I create different narratives and stories, those are open to multiple interpretation of viewers.

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