Sunil Roger Visual Artist

January 27, 2019

Artist Biography:

Sunil Roger born 4th February 1986, is a Pakistani practicing visual Artist and a Photographer, he currently resides in Karachi, his works includes various mediums such as canvas, wood, shell, metal. he experiments with the various surface to convey his deepest thoughts to viewers, he also does installation, painting and sculptures. he has displayed his work in various Art galleries throughout Pakistan and also has been praised for his hard work. In addition he did a public art project with local mural Artists.Sunil studied at ACIAC arts council institute of arts and craft in Karachi Pakistan, where he was taught figurative and modern art, he earned a four-year diploma of fine art in 2014, he is currently working at USA based company as a visual artist.


Artist Statement:


New work of mine is called Tishnagi which means Thirst for something I have painted real life stories, Painted human thirst every human has a need or desire that took a start from a small child whose painting shows his tishnagi…!

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