Nashrah Saleem Visual Artist

February 10, 2019


Nashrah Saleem,( born 6 December 1991) is a Pakistani practicing contemporary artist, she currently resides in Karachi. She works in various 3d medium such as metal, wood. She experiments various surfaces to convey her thoughts to viewers. She does installation, painting, sculptures and more.

Nashrah has displayed her work in various local art galleries throughout the Pakistan. She has done public art projects with (IMKHI, art summit), currently she has held public art project called (Munaqqash) with IMKHI which is installed at national museum of Karachi.

Nashrah studied at Art council institute of arts and craft in Pakistan ACIAC, where she taught realistic art. She earned a four years diploma of fine arts in 2014. She did two years bachelors of Art B.A (pvt) along with diploma from Karachi University in 2014. She is currently working at textile institute of Pakistan TIP as an art instructor for two years and prior to that she was at ACIAC.


We live in a difficult but inspiring world, where extremism and terrorism are substantial problems but there’s another significant problem that is causing hunger, death all over the world. The most wonderful feeling is that “food is life itself” however the requirement for survival is food. In our culture eating a lot is consider to be status and symbolize upper class. A lack of food can cause state of fury therefore hunger can be reason of initiating negative change in both physical and emotional state.
Medium is most powerful element in my work. My work is about human behavior and their needs. It’s about system that can’t provide equal and balanced opportunities to anyone, my selection of medium describes the visual relationship between illusion and reality. I try to create illusion through work and to show presence of food but not it’s availability.
Spectacles and bread in the painting indicates the vision of human being searching for food. Food is the basic need of every human being and there should be sufficient food for everyone.

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