Maham Siddiqui Visual Artist

February 2, 2019

Artist Biography:

Maham siddiqui was born in Hyderabad, Pakistan. She is a visual artist and had earned her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts majoring in Painting with distinction from Center of Excellence in Art and Design Jamshoro in 2017. Being a professional practicing artist, After graduation Maham has participated in many workshops, Art competitions and Group shows all over the Pakistan and had earned a good name.
The Main theme of her work is that “THE FACTS REMAINS SAME WHILE TIME RUNS OUT” going through some old newspaper or documents as she herself depicted the history kept in different bundles containing thousands of stories.

Artist Statement:

Facts remain same while time runs out.

A written text is considered as a document whether it is wrong or right. In the same way a bundle of old newspapers contains thousands of stories inside it which were very of great importance at that time but now are nothing more than a recorded past. If looked over thoroughly it is just a bundle of old newspapers but have a vast meaning in it. The lines which are formed by overlapping newspapers are like a surface with a very deep hidden meaning that makes it unique and eye catching..!

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