Khushi Hussain Visual Artist


Khushi Hussain belongs to Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. She did her bachelors in Fine arts (Sculpture as Major), khushi is a Distinction holder, she has always been more interested in working on 3D objects that’s the reason why she choose sculpture as her Major. Art has always been an inspiration for her soul. In khushi’s opinion Art can’t be expressed in words, it is the feeling from inside that an artist expresses through his Art piece.


Life is more intricate involving many disparate and perplexed sequence of events than it seems to be. The more social you are the more complicated and intricate your life will be!
My intention is to recall a beautifully lived moment!
My Art practice deals with representation of models, using everyday objects and visuals so, I utilized the raw material in my Art Work, which is usually thrown away.

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