Hareem Thebo Visual Artist

Artist biography:

Hareem Thebo Pakistani artist born in 1996 in Hyderabad Pakistan, completed her bachelor’s in fine Arts from CEAD MUET Jamshoro in 2018. She has worked in all fields of fine arts but her most favorite is painting with the medium of oil paints. Since childhood, she was always interested in fantasy world of her imagination and her work is a Blissful escape of Dreams, Imagination and peace.

Artist Statement:

Blissful escape

“Dreams are glimpses into life’s truths.
-Larry Itejere, the sliver Arrow
My work is concerned with personal theme of a blissful escape. In my work, I have shown various scenes, which are interconnected but at the same time different from each other.In my artwork, I had created a window to escape from the harsh reality of our world and society. As growing up , I always have a fantasy of flying and living the life in my dream world. Of course in reality, i cannot live in it but at least I can paint my own dream world and by putting it on canvas it’s my favourte hobby. These paintings make me forget about the painful truth and send me to the world of a blissful escape….!

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