Danish Kumar Ghalot

January 10, 2019

   Danish Kumar Ghalot



Danish kumar is a Pakistani artist (Born in 1994 at Umer-Kot Sindh), kumar was very fond of painting from his childhood, He completed his early education from umer-Kot from a local school and then continued his higher education in Lahore. Now, he is currently studying Fine Arts at National College of Arts Lahore. He has also done two drawing courses from renowned Art Academies. He can work in all fields of fine arts whether it’s sculpture, printmaking or painting but inspite of all , he found great pleasure in painting and his favorite medium is oil paint.


Artist Statement

I belong to the rural part of Sindh, I have grown up indulging in the region’s rich culture. With the passage of time and as the influence of bigger cities has grown in the smaller towns, the colors of our rich culture are fading, distorting and dying out. The culture is becoming a weird amalgam of the new and a reminiscing of which has gone by. I wish to  embellish the lost colors which have faded and also  want to paint those things which were crucial to the roots of our culture, to depict those things which are being replaced by superficial trends and fads. I wish to see the rich culture of Sindh live again!

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    Your work is truly depicting your inner self which is indeed pure like the soul which i see in the culture that you are preserving. God bless you

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