Amar Zaib Khan Visual Artist

February 3, 2019

Artist Biography:

Amar Zaib is one of young rising artist’s of Pakistan. he was born in hyderabad Sindh, he has graduated from CEAD, MUET Jamshoro with BFA:HONS in 2018. his recent theme is “A SLUMBER”

Artist Statement:


Nothing could be as sweet as a slumber specially when it’s hard earned, it sure is a transcendental state, where one can touch the realm of piece.
As william words worth says;
“A Slumber did my spirit seal;
I had no human fears;
She seemed a thing that could not feel
The touch of earthly years”
My artistic practice revolves and dialogues around the state of slumber that gives us a sense of relief and it’s temporary solution for a time being. I am touched by those homeless people who earned that slumber after being consumed by their hard work and for them slumber is the most precious thing…!

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