Aina Hussain Visual Artist

January 27, 2019

Artist Biography:

Aina Hussain Memon is a young Artist, born and raised in Hyderabad, she has completed her bachelors in Fine Arts from Centre of Excellence of Arts & design, MUET, Jamshoro in 2018. she works in multiple media but her most favourite medium includes Painting and Printmaking.
For her Art is an expression of thoughts and emotions, she further adds that you can potray the most beautiful thing in the entire world through it or expose the most horrific reality, to bring those on canvas is what her passion is…!

Artist statement:-

A simple line if we pay attention to it! Isn’t it amazing itself? Each line, i draw inspires the next, in return a certain flow is created and the movement of my hand continuously creates the form. My Inspiration generally comes from people and unpredictable things encountered in life so, I elevate the simplicity and within countless hours spent in the repetition of lines, my drawings transform dense illusions, rhythm, beautiful design and depth.

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